“ASCENSION 5D Manifestation” Webinar

Heart greetings dears,

We would like to share with you this quick brief on the private Webinar “Ascension 5D Heart Manifestation”
✨Shift Your Reality into Harmony; A mind-blowing understandings of Quantum Physics, The power of our Heart, Mind and Consciousness 

A such magnificent experience with such a special group of attendees, we went into a powerful journey of realization and a quantum shift in reality, the talk and presentation were about an hour of AHA moments.

Not to mention, the profound 15minutes meditation with high-frequency transmission by ArchAngel Raphael. 
We merged into a powerful expansion of Love and Consciousness.

We actually received amazing feedback & sharing by the attendees in the Webinar comments section and many more in private messages to our personal WhatsApp number. 
(I’m sharing below, one of profound LightCode drawing by the talented channeler Dea (Desi) during the Webinar, illustrating the high-frequency transmission of the Heart Resonance and Infinite energy practice.)

And then, we went into one more round of deep spiritual discussion on requested questions by the attendees, for another 1 hour.

If you have missed it! Don’t worry you can reWatch again in the link below, and keep a permanent access on your mobile. 

Join your Heart and Consciousness with our Hearts into a higher frequency 5D Ascension timeline reality.

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Shift Your Reality into Harmony 
“Ascension 5D Heart Manifestation”



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With High Crystalline Frequency of Love&Light, Unity Consciousness and Ascension. ✨💜✨

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Webinar Ascension Quantum with YogiGeorge
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YogiGeorge with Heart Resonance and Infinity in a LightCoded drawing by Dea original paper
YogiGeorge with Heart Resonance and Infinity in a LightCoded drawing by Dea original paper