Morning Ascension Essential Practice 10Mins

Morning Essential Ascension Practice with YogiGeorge. A short compact 10Mins yet powerful essential practice recorded at the Ascension Villa Garden on 21 Mar 2018.

Practice Highlights: 

  • Opening Rooting system, Grounding practice and Big Tree Energy Channelling 
  • Power breathing lifeforce, opening energy channels
  • Connecting with Mother Gaia’s Heat and Higher Universal Hearts
  • Heart Resonance 5D Ascension Manifestation & Diamond LightBody activation
  • Harmony and Unity Consciousness 5D Manifestation 

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Thank you for joining us with your Heart and Consciousness

Looking forward to co-create together and shift our reality with your Heart into 5D Ascension timeline.

Much LoveLight to every Heart ✨💜💫

With High Crystalline Frequency of Love&Light Unity Consciousness and Ascension.

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