A powerful private Webinar and Meditation on Negative Contract Release

Contract Release Webinar and Meditation with ArchAngel Michael Blue Light Sword Divine Will
Negative Contract Release Webinar and Meditation with ArchAngel Michael Blue Light Sword Divine Will

Thank you for attending our webinar/meditation, and registering your details in Ascension Alchemy School Signup List.

As a gesture of appreciation, sharing further the Ascension awareness and uploading it into the mother earth Consciousness field.

Please find below our sharing offer from heart to heart.
A powerful private Webinar and Meditation on Negative Contract Release with ArchAngels Raphael and Michael. Including a short Heart Resonance 5D Manifestation and Diamond Light Code Activation.

  1. A special private Webinar| Release Negative Old Contracts | I AM Declaration to HigherSelf

Link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/free-webinar-release-180224/register 

Password: Release


In this webinar we going deeper into an important realization of our forgotten negative agreements since the ancient times till present time of humanity awakening into consciousness remembering “Consciousness Ascension journey”

Please watch with an open mind and sincere heart, allow your cosmic remembering to reveal the shocking truth to your true essence, in order to free yourself from the suppression, blockages and burdens that based on the program of forgotteness and separation.

Be ready to acknowledge your full readiness and maturity to hear awaken truth and release the old negative frequency programming

  1. A LiveStream/Recorded Meditation Activation

Also, we are providing you with the 2 hours FULL session recording one of our Mondays Meditation Activation, free of charge (Each session replay worth of 80AED) to complement your release and strengthening your awakning and Ascension Journey. 

A powerful meditation and release with Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame Sword executing Divine Will

“Heart Awakening 5D Meditation: Diamond Light Body & Release Karmic Debts with ArchAngels.”

Link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/heart-awakening-5d-180312/register

Password: HeartAgreement


** Link below to learn How to Attend/Watch a LiveStream/Webinar/Recorded session on Crowdcast platform.

Link: https://yogigeorge.wordpress.com/2018/08/12/how-to-watch-a-livestream-on-crowdcast/


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With High Crystalline Frequency of LoveLight, Unity Consciousness and Ascension.

Mathilde Lumiere & YogiGeorge NourAn

To contact us directly:

Mathilde Lumiere EliyahRa on WhatsApp +971509105688 

YogiGeorge NourAn EliyahNour on WhatsApp +971506815377


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